Preparation of ayuvedic products

Dr. Vikram Chauhan

„In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that the dosage of pure herb powders should be 3 to 6 grams. If we put the raw herbs in capsules, there won't be any results. For such purpose, I have developed a range of herbal powder blends - the Churna combinations and the jars contain herb powders, which are giving excellent results. If you want to achieve results in smaller dosage (for capsules), that's why extracts are important. That's why I have a range of herbal extract based formulations. I have been using them from last 15 years and getting good results with the combinations.“

Dr. Vikram Chauhan, CEO and founder of Planet Ayurveda brand


You can read more information aboud standardized extracts directly on Planet Ayurveda website