Since, Brahmi has been traditionally used for the centuries. Therefore, it has been studied extensively for its medicinal properties. The herbal extracts of Brahmi contains various active molecules like Alkaloids, saponins, sterol, betulic acid, stimastorol, bacoside, herpestine etc. the herbal extract oil Brahmi has several benefits.

Brahmi is the best natural supplement to enhance the memories and cognition. As today’s time is full of competition and tight schedules, the possibility of forgetfulness is high. The regular use of Brahmi helps to keep you alert, calm and active. Due to which, Brahmi is available in the market in the form of capsules, juice or churna. Brahmi does not show any side effect to the body.

When searching for Brahmi capsules, look for capsules which contain 100% standardised extract in vegetarian shell. Brahmi helps in improving short term and long term memory, nerve tonic, anti-anxiety agent. 

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